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What is a "Molotov cocktail"?


August 24, 2011 by Wanderblit

Recipe for "Molotov cocktail" is known among fighters for world happiness and justice throughout the world. Molotov cocktails thrown in the direction of the enemy object. Broken, she lights the object. Burning flame is extinguished by water is not.

Thus, the "Molotov cocktail" - not a cocktail. Moreover, Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov (Skryabin) (1890-1986) - not the inventor of the combustible mixture. Although at one time and he was listed among the prominent revolutionaries, it is unlikely it can be considered as such.

Since 1906, he was a member of the Bolshevik Party, which, unlike other Russian Socialist Party, the Socialist-terror is not engaged. Therefore, the revolutionary activities of Vyacheslav Scriabin (pseudonym Molotov he accepted only in 1915) has been evaluated not a death sentence, and the first reference to Vologda, and after - in Irkutsk province. In between these links, Vyacheslav managed to finish two courses in the St. Petersburg Polytechnic Institute.

In 1917, Molotov became an active functionary of the Bolshevik Party. Working in various capacities, he proved himself a consistent and loyal supporter of Stalin. Largely because of this dominica shelf companies, December 19, 1930, Molotov was appointed chairman of the CPC of the USSR. In fact it was the second most important office in the state. In that position, Molotov, no doubt, responsible for the repression of 1920-1930's.

He bears responsibility for an aggressive foreign policy of the Soviet Union in 1939 and 1940. As People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs August 31, 1939 Molotov signed a treaty with Nazi Germany on the division of spheres of influence in Eastern Europe ("Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact"). Under this agreement, in the sphere of interests of the Soviet Union was part of Poland, the Baltic States, Bessarabia and Finland. It was to occupy Finland, and set there the Soviet regime, November 30, 1939 was launched Soviet-Finnish war. The war is also called "winter dominica companies" because it lasted through the winter 1939-1940, and ended March 12, 1940.

At the beginning of the war, Soviet planes bombed Finnish cities of Helsinki and Turku. In a statement on behalf of the Soviet government claimed to Molotov, Soviet planes dropped not bombs, but food for the hungry Finnish workers. These words have caused genuine anger among the Finns (including Finnish and workers). Personality Molotov immediately became the target of caricatures and satirical songs (for example, "No, Molotov!") That's why Molotov cocktails, which the Finns during the war used against Soviet tanks, they became known as "cocktail for Molotov» («Molotovin cocktail» .) "Molotov cocktail" - loose translation English-speaking journalists.

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